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Survey Design and Analysis

  • We provide comprehensive and bespoke survey services tailored to the purpose of the community /organisation

  • Questions are structured to gather both quantitative and qualitative data

  • Responses are independently analysed

  • Draft and Final reports produced


Survey Design:

We work with communities to design survey tailored to meet their unique needs. This includes identifying and structuring appropriate questions, agreeing appropriate data collection methods, and generating reports that are clear and unbiased.


Survey Administration:

We work with clients, providing options with the administration of the survey such as identifying the target audience and selecting appropriate methods and distribution system using a variety of channels.


Data Collection & Analysis

We collect and analyse the data from the completed surveys, ensuring it is accurate and complete. We identify patterns and trends that can provide meaningful insights and recommendations.



We provide a comprehensive report including an executive summary, detailed analysis of the data collected, and recommendations for action based on the insights generated.

We also provide reports that are easy to read, understand and communicate.

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