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Community Led Planning

  1. Parish Planning

  2. Neighbourhood Planning

  3. Priorities Statements

  4. Village Design Statements

We work closely with parish and town councils to identify the best community planning tool to meet local current and future needs. We provide comprehensive and bespoke services from inception through to completion. 


Community Engagement:

We facilitate engagement with residents, businesses, and community organisations to understand their priorities and aspirations for the future of their community. This includes conducting surveys, organising community workshops, and holding focus group sessions.


Data Analysis:

We analyse existing data and gather new information to build a comprehensive understanding of the local context, including demographic trends, land use, transportation infrastructure, and environmental conditions.


Policy Development:

Based on our engagement and analysis, we develop priorities, policies, and action plans that

reflect the community’s vision for the future. These may cover topics such as housing, economic development, transport, and environmental sustainability.


Plan Preparation:

We prepare a Plan that incorporates the policies developed in consultation with the community. Our team works closely with the local planning authority to ensure the Plan aligns with existing planning policies and



Plan Adoption:

We support the community through the process of Regulation 14 consultations through to adoption of Plan (If developing a Neighbour Plan)

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