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Asset Mapping

We offer Community Asset Mapping service that helps communities to identify and leverage the resources available in their local area.


We work closely with parish and town councils to create a map of the assets within the community, including physical assets, social networks, and cultural resources.


Community Engagement:

We facilitate engagement to understand perceptions of community assets, and to identify any gaps or challenges.


Asset Identification:

We identify the community assets, including physical, infrastructure,

cultural institutions, community organizations, and social networks. We work with local stakeholders to develop a comprehensive list of assets and to understand their roles and importance within the community.


Asset Analysis:

We analyse the assets to understand their potential for creating social,

economic, and cultural benefits for the community. We consider factors such as proximity, accessibility, and utilization to develop an understanding of the assets and their potential for impact.


Asset Mapping:

We develop a map of the assets, which can be used to inform decision-making, planning, and resource allocation. The map provides a visual

representation of the assets and their interconnections, highlighting opportunities for

collaboration and partnership.


Strategic Planning:

Strategic Planning: We support the community through the process of strategic planning,

using the asset map to identify priorities and develop strategies for leveraging the assets to achieve community goals.

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