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Local and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Community Buildings Consultations

  • Community Facilities & Services Consultations

  • Community Local Green Spaces Consultations

  • Local Business Consultations

  • Engaging with Local Groups and Organisations


We work with you to facilitate engagement with residents, businesses, and community organisations to understand their current and future needs of existing and potential new facilities and services. Identifying any gaps or challenges and working together to generate community-led or community influenced solutions.


Needs Assessment

We conduct a needs assessment to understand the current and future demand for community buildings, facilities and services. This includes analysing  demographics, community activities, and events that require use of these facilities and services.


Community Engagement

We facilitate engagement with residents, businesses, and community organizations to understand their use community buildings and village halls, and to identify any gaps or challenges.


Feasibility Studies

We conduct a feasibility study to identify options for the community building and village halls, which includes the potential for refurbishment, extension, or development of new facilities.


Generating Community led Solutions

We support the community through the process of strategic planning, using the results of the needs assessment and feasibility study to identify priorities and develop strategies for maximizing the potential of their community buildings

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