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Our Services

Parish & Neighbourhood Plans, Priorities  Statements, Village Design Statements


Our comprehensive Community Planning services helps communities to create a vision for the future of their neighbourhoods. We work closely with parish and town councils to use the relevant community planning tool develop a plan that reflects the unique character and needs of each community.

Survey Design and Analysis


Our comprehensive Survey Design and Analysis service helps communities and organizations to collect and analyse data to make informed decisions. Our team of experienced research experts work closely with clients to develop survey instruments that are tailored to meet their unique needs, and to analyse the data collected to provide meaningful insights and recommendations.

Local and Stakeholder Engagement


Our Local and Stakeholder consultation services help communities to maximize the potential of their community facilities. We work closely with the community to understand their unique needs and priorities and to identify opportunities for improving the use and sustainability of community buildings, village halls and local facilities. 

Community Asset Mapping


Our Community Asset Mapping service is designed to work with communities in identifying, mapping and leveraging their assets to create positive social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes. We work with communities to develop a comprehensive understanding of their assets, and to identify opportunities for their effective utilisation and enhancement.

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